The state has purposefully destroyed the family unit to exert ultimate control over the individual.

They're targeting our children through a broken and perverted education system, while targeting our spouses through social media, entertainment and other means. The destruction of the family unit in America has ultimately placed our very nation on the brink of destruction as well.

Stopping groomers in their tracks.

GroomerDB is a people-powered community and web application, allowing parents to report teachers for child grooming. Community members can then vote on which reports are valid and which reports are not valid.

Exposing family court corruption with AI.

ROGER is an all-new AI model and application that we're developing at L1fe, designed to locate and expose corruption in America's family courts utilizing data provided by the public themselves.


We're using decentralized tech to locate missing children.

Thanks to our invention of the decentralized, people-powered Omega network, we were able to utilize its various protocols, along with ADAM's AI engine, to build a people-powered missing persons platform, completely managed by the community itself.


Your voice should be heard in Washington.

Tired of not being heard? We're making it easier for you to communicate with your elected representatives, so you can effectively push forward your agenda.


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